Prepare / Protecting New Fuel Tanks

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    I have been undertaking my project of my 1997 Ford F-250 4×4 to replace both the leaking/rusted gas tanks. I have purchased new after market fuel tanks that are only covered in a light oil. I have purchased cans of Tank Tone but would like to really ensure I protect and preserve the tanks as best from future rusting issues. I noticed that Ford had some sort of hardened or undercoating on the factory originals.

    I was considering cleaning, painting with Tank Tone and coating the tank in something like a bed liner like the Herculiner product but these mention scuffing existing paint so it will adhere better. Since this will be new tanks it seems backwards to prepare and paint it and then scuff them for this. Should I just use the Tank Tone and then get professional Undercoat? Can you advise or give me ideas as to what is best or what others have done?

    I have also purchased the Converter and Encapsulate products to address the truck frame where I am also replacing the brake lines. I plan to take the bed off in the future but that is a year or two away 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

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