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    I bought a 1965 Mustang that somebody had previously started stripping. Like most projects that people start, this one sat outside for several months before I got it and it had a ton of surface rust.

    I got out the grinder and the 36 grit, and got the whole thing down to fresh, clean metal. Once bare I wiped the whole car down with Eastwood’s PRE. Then I hit the really bad areas with Eastwood’s Rust Converter. I let the converter do it’s thing, and then sanded it lightly. After this I hit everything with the PRE again and then wiped the whole car down with Oxisolve. I tried my best to keep the Oxisolve wet, even though it might have dried briefly in a couple of spots (it’s harder than it sounds when it’s 95 degrees outside), and then I wiped the whole car down again with PRE to neutralize the Oxisolve. I didn’t use any water.

    At this point the entire car was a nice blueish-gray shade of clean, 36 grit prep’d metal. I applied Eastwood’s Rust Encapsulator, thinned 20% with laquer thinner through a cheap spray gun. I tried to lay it down thin, but I was having a hell of a time getting it to flow out, so it went on kinda thick. I let the Rust Converter flash for about 40 minutes (it says to dry it an our or more) before it started to look like it was surface dry, and then I laid down a second coat. One day later the car looks beautiful, silky smooth, and ready for body work.

    This is when I started to second guess myself. My first potential problem is that I don’t have a compressor mount air dryer/oil seperator. I used two disposable filters, one at the compressor and one at the gun. The paint laid down ok, but I am wondering if I could have sealed in moisture? Would I have been able to tell if I was getting water in the line while I was spraying? Like I said, it all laid down good and looks great now that it’s dry. If I did get moisture will the Rust Encapsulator take care of it? Anyway, after I stayed up all night wondering if I was going to have to sand everything back down, I popped on Eastwood’s site and found that Rust Encapsulator isn’t even intended for clean metal. I’d rather sand it all off now than have to sand it all off once it’s painted, but would hate to waste all the time and materials I have already used. Any thoughts? Any suggestions? This car already suffered from serious rust once, I don’t want to let it get any worse.

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