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    I’m buying brand new aluminum wheels where the lip is polished and sections of the spokes are painted black (with clear coat over). The outside sections of the spokes are polished (also assuming clear coat over). The black paint is really only on the sides of the spokes. I want to spray paint the entire face of the wheel, including the spokes but not the lip, the vintage racing metallic silver or wheel sparkle silver metallic. The lip can easily be taped off. The wheel spoke design is similar in complexity to the BBS or reverse mesh design, very small crannies …don’t know that I have the ability with fat fingers or the energy to sand paper with a hard brush in between those little crannies.

    Can I just spray paint over the rest of the wheel or what other preparation is needed?

    Can I use the eastwood self etch primer over the clear coat?

    Do I really need to sandpaper and roughen the areas I am going to spray over?

    I haven’t bought any of the prep kits or paints yet, please advise what you think it best for my application. I’m not concerned by future damage to the repainted area since the valve, wheel weights, mounting is all on the lip area of the wheel. I think as long as the spray paint will stick well over to the existing clear coat, and hold up well to brake/wheel heat and wheel washes once a month or so I will be happy. Its not a daily driver, just weekend toy.

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