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    I am going to shoot these parts with a Eastwood Hobby gun with PBTP sun gold, first off I notice they state a cure schedule of 400 f for 10 minutes…nothing about flow like the Eastwood powders I have used before… so I guess thats it, shoot and place in the oven till the part reaches 400 f then wait 10 minutes then done?

    Next how would you hang these to spray, really nothing to attach to, I suppose the round object I could just dangle but all I can think of for the others is to drill a small hole where it won’t be noticed or am I missing something obvious?

    The caliper… do I need a chrome base over my glass beaded surface, or sand it out to a smoother finish? If so how fine of paper should I bother to go?

    Is there areas I should avoid coating on this side other than plugging off fluid holes and piston bores? Just tape them off or tape off that whole side?

    Lastly I want to coat the rotor mount but don’t have a way of removing the buttons that hold it to the rotor, do you just tape it off and coat over the buttons? Is there an easy method to tape? Would you bother to glass blast the inner part or just clean and coat?


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