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    Im getting ready to start workin on the paint work on my 85 camaro.

    The car was in a front end wreck, so fenders, hood, bumper, and pass door are replaced with used original parts (different colors).

    Im planning on taking these pieces down to bare, and starting fresh with epoxy, build primer, and bc/cc.

    For the rest of the car, i dont believe it is the original paint. I say this because i see some masking errors here and there, however, it is in good shape. Im planning to take this down and level and add some bite with 120 on a da. Then doing my build primer onto this, and bc/cc.

    My questions are what flow should i follow? What grits before and after primer? before paint? What is the correct process for painting the ground effects and bumpers (plastics). And also will be a brand new fiberglass hood.

    Thanks in advance.

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