pre or phosphate ?

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    I have a air cleaner cover that I coated about a year ago coming back for rust. I have not seen it yet, but the owner says there are rust “stains” coming through the coating in 4 places.

    I remember the air cleaner cover was quite rusty when he first brought it to me, I glass beaded it and shot it with pre and was careful to not touch it after glass beading, it looked great but it is rusty now.

    I will know more when I get it back early next week but how do I prevent that from happening again. I am thinking I need to hit it with phospate, I was thinking this time shooting it with Picklex prior to coating. There is not a lot of talk here on this board about pre-treatments, most of the time its just talk about proper cleaning and spraying with PRE. That is what I did last time and it appears to have not worked.

    Anyone here use Picklex ?

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