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    If anyone is thinking of doing their own welding and has never did it before, I will pass on the same direction I was given by a 76 y/o drag racer while he was working on his latest machine, a ’40’s Willy’s.

    All he said was just like the title: Practice, practice practice. I will admit that he is correct.

    I will post photos if there is interest but the summary is a ’66 Vette project I started 4 years ago. I got the car home and inspected it closer than I could at the sellers garage. A lot of the metal was gone! I joined a local trade school for night classes in welding. That was a great start but Fed funding ended and the classes closed before I finished my project but as least I had the basics of welding.

    I won’t go into detail now but after several 100′ of MIG wire and several bottles of Argon mixed gas, my welds are noticeably better each time I get the handle in my hand. Too bad I started on the chassis first!

    More later….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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