Powdercoating Wilwood FSLI Brake Calipers masking and plugging questions

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    The parts are brand new and have been disassembled completely.

    For any threaded parts can I use silicone plugs and pull them out AFTER everything cures? Or do I pull them after applying the powder?
    ^ my other option was to use bolts and just unbolt them out once everything cures….. What do you recommend?

    As for the Piston bores, I figured I would MASK that with tape and use a fine razor to make a nice circle around the bore or use a retainer snap ring wrapped with aluminum foil then apply powder.
    When should I remove the tape or aluminum foil with retainer snap ring: After the powder cures and the part cools down? Right after I apply the powder, before I put into the oven? I also see another option, which states to mask, start curing just until the powder begins to flow and stop till the part is cool, remove mask> complete curing process by putting the part back into the oven for the remainder of the curing time. (further description as example: take part out and remove mask at 10minutes, and put in for another 10 minutes to complete the 20 minute cure).

    I am new to powder coating and will not start with my calipers on the first attempt. I will test some random parts I have laying around. Again testing wont involve masking/plugging like the calipers do.

    Thanks in advance

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