Powdercoating stone/non-metallics?

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    I have a friend that’s experimenting with pastel coloring on ceramics and stone tiles that would be used as kitchen counter backsplashes. We’re looking at clear coatings that might be appropriate for that environment. Some thoughts:

    1. Right now she’s looking at tumbled marble tiles 3″ x 3″
    2. She’s thinking that she will need to spray with a fixative prior to coating to keep the pastels from smudging.
    3. The tumbled marble is a matte surface; not all of the tile area will be colored with pastels.
    4. It’s going to be subject to acidic splashes and kitchen cleaners
    5. There may be some one-time abrasion caused during the installation as grout is filled between the tiles. Marble tiles are traditionally placed very close together so this will be minimal, but still an issue.

    We’re looking for reasonably-priced finishes that would protect the artwork. I don’t believe that any lacquer or polyurethane will be suitable over time given the environment. I’ve read on various sites where non-metallic surfaces can be powdercoated, which made me think PC is a decent option to experiment with.

    Can anyone provide comments or ideas about the feasibility of doing this?


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