PowderCoating Rotary Lower Intake Manifold

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    Need some advice on powder-coating a Lowerintake manifold for a rotary engine. Two big concerns of mine here.

    1st – Rotary engines inject a fine mist of oil into the intake manifold to help lubricate, and they backfire like all hell up the intake to the back of the butterflies some(most)times (this engine anyway 😀 ). So the intake is coated on the inside with gas, oil, and carbon. Things that like to go boom. Any ideas on the best way to clean this gunk out, or do I even need to? & whats this about outgassing? I’m thinking some brake clean and 135 psi of air to start, then scrub it all down with some warm Simple Green.

    2nd – this part of the intake rests maybe an inch to an inch and a half above the exhaust manifold. Can the standard powerder take the heat? How much heat? Before you answer, rotaries run Hot. I mean HOT!, you can see an orange glow through jet hot coating in these things, there is a warning in the owners manual to never park on grass, I’m talking 1650-1725 degrees running rich! – freakin’ HOT! The upperintake and the OTHER side of the motor are painted with PPG DCC, I don’t think that paint will handle the heat (they say it’s good for 300) nor do I trust a $5 spray can of High Heat paint. How much heat can the powder take once cured?

    Just for ha ha’s, I don’t have an infared temp gauge, any ideas what the temp on the intake would be?

    Thanks for the advice guys

    please no rotary bashing 😉 less ya wanna bit of a race

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