Powdercoating problem

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    twk 75 TR6

    Hi guys, hey I got a powder coating gun last year (a no name brand) which would very well this summer when I tried using it I could not get the powder to attract/adhere like there unit was turned off and just wasted powder. I got a new Hotcoat gun but I am still having the same problem just wasting powder. And yes the units have been plugged in and turn on. (I know about the technical difficulties of the O.F.F. switch “goes back to my army day, lieutenants and radios”)

    Prep, I either media blast or wire wheel or both then parts clean them, hang them from the oven rack using bare steel tire wire for the hock (new piece of wire for each item).

    Coating, when new I would hook the ground wire to the oven rack and got a very good transfer. As the rack has been used more and gotten build up, I have stated clipping the ground wire to the hook and some parts I even clip the ground wire directly to the item. Even the ground clip does not seem to be attracting the powder.

    Both guns have a good arc when they are discharged. I have used several different powders in each with the same result bad to no transfer except what powder fall on them. I stored the powder here in the house to maintain climate control.

    Could the blasting be building a charge which some how in not getting discharged when clipping the ground? My shop is panel is grounded per code.

    Living in a pretty colored clouded of powder.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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