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Posted: July 21, 2006 By: supercharged_v6

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    Hi, I am doing small time powdercoating mostly for friends and for myself, I recently did some belt tensioners for a friend for free in a mirror black, they came out great, you can actually see yourself in them, now i just did some aluminum pulleys for a friend and they came out pretty good too, i charged him 20 bucks for all 3 pulleys, a light sand blast and powder coated them a mirror black and they were done. Came out great, i charged him 20 bucks. Now i have a friend who wants me to do a Water Pump for him in a mirror silver, but i have no idea what to charge him. How much does anyone normally charge for parts? Say the following:


    i know it would cost more to do them in candy colors, but how much money should i charge to do candy colors and to add a higher gloss, thanks.

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