powdercoating mirror polished aluminum

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    I have not done much powdercoating myself.. I only have the hobby kit.. but I have a quesiton about if I can do something like this or not..

    I have these motorcycle motor covers that I have spent hours sanding and polishing out to a mirror shine. Now, I was just thinking about how EASY they can get strached.. and the covers are going to be on my bike next to my boots ! 😮

    So, I was thinking – can I powdercoat these peices with 95% gloss clear or something – just to coat it and protect it ? I dont want to lose that mirror shine look. I am also wondering if this gloss clear powder will fill in straches and work like – a car paint clear coat, where you would wet sand the clear coat with 1000 grit and reshoot a clear coat ontop and the 1000g straches are filled in.

    Anyone have any pictures of something like this being done ? 🙂

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