Powdercoating….. flock it!

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    In my restoration project of a 82 Matra Murena I started using the Eastwood powder-coating gun. Since it worked so well I started doing jobs for other people as well. By now, about all my items are powder-coated and the restoration can go on!

    Now I was facing another problem, the area around my engine-bay (mid-engines car) needed new carpet. I was looking around the net how to make this nice again and came across “flocking”. Basically you apply adhesive on the part and then spray electricly charged flock-fibres on the grounded part. This seemed somewhat familiair to me….. 🙂

    So, I dunno if anyone has tried this before or posted it here, but the EW pc-gun works perfect to flock items as well. You will need the fibers and adhesive, but the expensive flock-applicator (1700 USD) you can do without with the PC-gun!

    Here’s a pic of a flocked item. My first try so not perfect yet:




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