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    Hi, wanna idea to make extra dollars to fund your restoration !

    I Bought hood hinges for all kinds of classic cars on ebay and powdercoated them and then resold them on ebay . I made good money usually four times what i paid for them .
    The reason i`m putting this up is i was doing this and another ebayer copied my idea and we had a email arguement and he sent my emails to ebay to get me kicked off so he could assume my position as the top buyer and seller of hood hinges on ebay . They suspended my account and now he thinks he`s in hog heaven . He does them in Mirror chrome and no other colors . I did them in chrome and other correct restoration colors giving customers a choice of going custom or looking stock with satin or gloss black or Stamped Steel for a bare metal look .

    What i`d like you guys to do is to hop on ebay if you have an account, Buy some hood hinges CHEVY ,FORD,MOPAR and others you think are popular restorations on ebay Or salvage yard or your spare parts if you have spare hood hinges lying around . Powdercoat them in mirror chrome with clearcoat and when your done resell them on ebay. You can start them at about $60 and they will sell anywhere from starting bid all the way up to $300 if you do good work . Blast them as clean as possible , Degrease them (i use castrol super clean and blow dry) Use eastwood phosphate wash in a tank to soak them in overnight to phosphate them to prevent flash rust . Coat them in mirror chrome (people are chrome junkies) And list them on ebay . I hope 100 people do this so the selling price of his hinges goes down so this hillbilly will have to get a job . He got me removed from ebay so anyone other than him that gets the business is fine with me . He complains about how many people copy HIS product when he copied it from me . His user ID is ROCK834 so when you put your hinges up on ebay put ROCK834 on YOUR BLOCKED BIDDERS LIST or he will bid on them just to get your contact info or buy your hood hinges and BAD FEEDBACK you to ruin your reputation and keep you from taking business away from him . When i emailed him and told him what i thought of him for getting me suspended he Made threatening phone messages on my answering machine and said “i`m your worst nightmare” He also made remarks about how my 75 year old mother that lives with me had a sexy voice and he wanted a date with her . This guy lives in a trailer park in kentucky in his girlfreinds mobile home with her kids from previous marriage . I`d like to see someone else bump him out of his place on ebay ! The more the better . You guys can make some money and he can get a taste of his own medicine . His ebay account and phone and address is in his girlfreinds name to hide his identity . He probobly has been suspended before from ebay so he can`t put account or contact info in his name . Look up ROCK834 on ebay and read his ad for his hinges ,Change his wording of his description around a little and use the blue lettering and fonts same style as his . As long as you don`t use his pictures or exact description ebay won`t do anything about lettering style or colors . REMEMBER ! ADD ROCK834 TO YOUR BLOCKED BIDDERS LIST SO HE CAN`T BID ON YOUR HINGES OR GET YOUR ADDRESS OR CONTACT INFORMATION. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANYONES HELP THAT WANTS TO MAKE MONEY TO FUND THEIR RESTORATIONS TO TRY THIS ! EVEN IF IT`S JUST ONE PAIR A WEEK YOU CAN DO THIS ! I MADE MY LIVING ON HOOD HINGES FOR A YEAR AND IF YOUR VERY GOOD AT ALL AT POWDERCOATING THIS WILL BE SIMPLE TO SUCSEED AT ! THERE ARE OVER 1800 pairs of hood hinges on ebay right now ! YOU CAN ALSO BUY NEW REPRODUCTION HOOD HINGES AND DO THIS ! HOPE YOU GUYS CAN MAKE A BUCK AND HAVE FUN TOO ! THANKS FOR READING MY IDEA ! ENJOY ! 😎

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