Powder on Engine Blocks

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    I recently spoke to a powder company rep who said that it wasn’t a good idea to powder coat the block and heads of an engine unless it was for show only. He said that if it is a daily driver that when the engine reaches temps of 275+ that the powder would resort back to a gel state and start to break down. I know that many of you have coated blocks and heads and was wondering were they for show or for actual use? If they were used daily how has it worked out for you? I am trying to make the decision on powder, hi-temp powder or ceramic. I want to use powder (more color choices) but I can’t afford to have it look bad over time as this engine is going in a car that will be used to promote the business, meaning it will be used in car shows, parades, etc… Thoughts??

    – Tim
    Clive Customs and Coatings

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