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    since i’m longwinded, i put my questions in RED so you can skip to those if you’d like.

    one of the main reasons i’m getting the elite hotcoat kit is because local guys won’t do some of the things i want them to. namely; masking off items.

    i have a set of wheels that i’m going to coat once i feel comfortable. all four are polished, and all four have a very pronounced lip. the local shops will not mask off the lips of the wheels because they say that powder can “leach” under the paint; thus leaving an undefined crisp lip line. is this truly something to worry about? have any of ya’ll run into this problem? i’ve seen pics on the net and on this site of wheels that have been PC’ed while leaving the polished lip intact – crisp line and all.

    i’d also like to mask off the six individual “blade holes” on these wheels as well. the pics below show what i’d like to mask off. so before i do any PC’ing, i need you guys to go over my steps and correct me if i’m heading in the wrong direction.

    i’d like to polish the wheels before coating. do i then need to clean the wheels to get any traces of the polishing compound off? with what?

    since these will cure in a kitchen oven, i can only do one side at a time. look at the pics below and see how i have the tape situated; is that going to be ok? will the powder will sort of “pool” in the taped area, or should i just let the powder pass through the holes?

    after the wheel is cured, should i clearcoat the entire wheel, or should i just polish the lips every so often? if i leave them un-clearcoated, thus necessitating polishing the lips/holes, can i still use my mother’s mini powerball, or will the ball possibly scratch the PC’ed area of the wheels?

    of course when the time comes i will use the correct high temp tape. the masking tape is for illustration purposes only. and i will do a better job of masking, i promise ;).

    DSCF0241.thumb.jpg DSCF0242.thumb.jpg DSCF0243.thumb.jpg

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