Powder Hoppers For Cup Guns

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    HI Guys, In another thread we were talking about un even powder flow when you tilt a cup gun backwards or forwards. I beleive F 5 said about useing the already supplied cup as a minuture hopper. That is what I did and it works great. Although I use a different type of cup gun than Eastwoods it will work for all cup guns. I CAN`T BELEIVE HOW WELL IT WORKS!!!!!!!. All you have to do is take a spare cup lid and buy some brass fittings from Lowes to make a secure path way through the lid. NO AIR LEAKS. Use sealer if needed. I used clear hose and ran it from the air output on the gun to the adapter that I placed in the center of the lid. On the other side of the lid you need to have a pipe that runs from the air inlet on the lid extending down so it almost touches the bottom of the cup when screwed on. For the powder hose place the fitting in the lid by the edge. Then run the other clear hose from that fitting to the powder outlet fitting on the gun. Make sure your lid is on the cup tight and you might even have to put tape around it. Then adjust your air pressure to you have a nice powder cload and you are now ready for work. Good luck.

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