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    Sorry EW !

    I just got off the phone with EW and they have discontinued a powder that I used a lot in the past. How compatible is either the EW hobby gun or EW pro gun with other brands of powder ?

    I assume that I can get the powder from Caswell since they sell the same gun (ok, I know its different but basically the same) but can I get powder from Tiger drylac for example ? or does powder from them require a full on pro gun ?

    Both Caswell and Tiger carry the color I need.

    Silver Hammertone was discontinued, so I went with Ivory&Stucco and now that is discontinued. I have enough Silver Hammertone and Ivory&Stucco to finish my current project but this will come up again for me soon.

    Red Wrinkle was discontinued and almost caused a major problem for me but Nick came through with enough powder to fix the problem. I will need more in the future and again, both Caswell and Tiger carry it.

    I currently have a EW hobby gun but if all goes well tomorrow I will own a EW Pro gun.

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