Powder Coating/Alloy Buffing Products?

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    Im looking to place an order with EastWood over the next month or so and this is what I can think of buying from them to get started with powder coating and alloy wheel buffing.

    10190 IR Cure System With Deluxe Hotcoat Gun $499.99
    13107 Wheel Smoothing And Buffing Kit $73.99
    10357 ZP Eastwood Diamond Clear Gloss for Bare Metal Quart $14.99 x 10
    10194 ZP Pre Painting Prep Quart $12.99 x 5
    13288 Set of 3 Cone Bobs $10.99 x 5
    13168 Facer And Mushroom Buff Kit $28.99 x 3
    10285 2LBS Hotcoat Powder Reflective Chrome 2 lb $49.99
    10329 2LBS Ultra Clear Low- Temp Powder 2LBS $49.99

    (As I dont want to order every month to save shipping costs I will get some items in bulk)

    Can Anyone think of better tools to use or anything else I may need before I put the order in? I will be getting the Powder coat Powder from a UK supplier along with a compressor to run the gun.

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