Powder coating wheels – how to mask?

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    I am new to the forums, but I have powder coated a few things already. Normally it goes pretty well, but I’m no pro for sure. I did some searching on this subject and have found some answers, but some questions still remain.

    My question: I want to powder coat the “center” of my wheels on my 68 camaro, leaving only the outside ring (similar to a beauty ring) of the cast aluminum wheel still polished. The rest will be gloss black. Should I mask the outer ring with a high temp tape, or can I get away with using regular painter’s masking tape and pull it off just before I put it into the oven?

    i dont’ have any high temp tape, so was hoping to get by without having to order any.

    Will I need to outgas these wheels? They are 1 pc cast alum..

    Any help would sure be appreciated. thanks, jer.

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