powder coating rims

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    could some one who does a lot of steel rims post step by step what they do from an already painted rim to finished product? I had a set of ralley rims that kept bubbling up in the seams. I worked on no other jobs but them for 3 weeks, I lost track of how many times I blasted, stripped, power washed, primed with pc primer, and everything else I did. Not a single one turned out with out some small air pockets in the seam. I had to return the rims as a could not finish as promised. Total refund plus had to pay to have tires remounted and balanced for the second time (first time they rusted in 2 days and had the bubbles), along with all the hours and supplies I went thru. I would like to avoid this from happening again. I’ve seen some awesome rims on here so I know it can be done.

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