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    i’ve decided to see about powder coating some aluminum rims. i’ve just got a couple questions first. would a medium grit glass bead be to coarse for stripping the factory paint and clear coat? also i would like to re-do the black with a gloss black, the polished section in a colour that would come close to matching the polished aluminum, and then clear over the entire wheel. the gun i’m useing is the hotcoast dual voltage gun 15kv and 25kv i beleive. i know how i need to lay the powder down to do the job but my question is will the first coast of black be affected by heating it up 2 extra times after it’s fully cured? also is there any tips or things i should watch for with doing a 3 step process such as this one? i’m new to powder coating. been reading like there’s no tomorrow and now i just need to put it all to practise and hope for the best lol.

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