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    Hi folks.
    I did a few parts last weekend for my 66 Thunderbird project.
    The guys are impressed by how it looks, although I need more practice. I don’t think most people know you can do it in your garage. 😉
    So, I have a couple of questions.

    1) I have been using SS chrome. I have some parts that I baked at the “proper” temp and 23 minutes. I have an IR thermometer. They came out nice and shiny from being smooth, but not shiny like reflective. I have one part that came out reflective, but I baked WAY longer. (I went back to blasting and didn’t hear the buzzer).
    Should I just be baking everything for 45 minutes?

    2)I was thinking about just shooting powder while in the oven. Is this OK as long as I cover the elements during the pc shoot?

    3) I have a power steering pump bracket I would like to pc. There is a rubbery ring with a metal ring in it at one of the mounting points. Hard to describe, but obviously there to take vibration out from where it mounts to the engine block. Do you think this will be OK? I read about different types of rubberish materials, but I don’t have any guess about this one…

    Thanks, I described the best I could…
    I’ll try to get some pics up.

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