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    I haven’t bought my setup yet because I have a couple of questions first. I hope to have answers soon as I would like to purchase it tomorrow. I want to say that I have gone through some of these threads and you guys do some excellent work so I have faith in your answers to my questions.

    I am buying the Pro-Gun, an oven from Best Buy as I will be doing relatively small parts, and powders from Eastwood.

    I intend to only offer 4 colors at first: Red, Blue, Reflective Chrome and Purple.

    #1 I want them to all be mirrored. Like the reflective chrome only with color. So I was thinking of buying the ref chrome and over coat it with the transparent blue, red and purple if they have it. Will this make a mirror finish color for me?

    #2 The air compressor. I intend on buying just your standard Campbell Hausfield from Wal-Mart as I am limited on space. Probably the one with the 10 gallon tank, will this power the Pro-Gun?

    #3 Do you have to have a spray booth to powder coat? My parts will be less than a foot in length and will be aluminum pipes.

    #4 I order T-6061 aluminum pipe and cut it up into pieces. I will be coating these pieces. They are bare and unfinished. They are also oxidized as aluminum tends to be. What prepe do I need to do to theoxidized pipe before caoting?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give to a newbie here. I will be here quiet a bit hopefully and will be posting pics all the time as I intend on coating lots of parts in my business.


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