Powder coating C6 Corvette brake calipers

Posted: February 7, 2013 By: JJK69

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    I have a 2012 C6 LT1 Corvette (that only has 200 miles on it) and am planning on powder coating all 4 brake calipers. Since the cars calipers are basically brand new, I was wondering what the required surface preperation is (if any) so that the powfer coating process is optimal. Do I need to apply some kind of base coat for better adhesion? Do I need to “roughen” up the surface of the calipers for the same reason? Also, the front calipers have the “CORVETTE” raised lettering…do I need to mask them off or just coat over them and remove the coating afterwards? This is my first powder coating project so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I will be using the professional powder coating equipment we have at work…Thanks!

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