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Posted: March 24, 2013 By: Gary Lewis

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    Gary Lewis


    This is my first post – on this forum that is. (I hang out on Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum.) And, I need some help. I’m not new to powder coating as I’ve been doing it for over 10 years. And, I’m not new to powder coating aluminum as I stripped/polished/powder coated the wheels on my 81 F150, among other things. But, I’m restifying that F150 and have to do something with the aluminum trim, which is used around the windshield, along the fenders/doors/bed sides, and around the wheel well openings. All but the wheel well trim is anodized, but since I’ve pieced a good set of trim together from several different trucks the pieces have differing amounts of weathering. So, I need to do something with them to make them uniform.

    One approach would be to strip the anodizing, polish them, and then clear-coat them as I did on the wheels. But, that would be a lot of work so I’m wondering about using one of the “chrome” powders and clear-coating that. The prep would seem to be less, but what would it look like? Would that emulate the original trim?

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