powder coating a polished aluminum intake

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    I have a 57 Chevy that i want to put a polished air-gap aluminum intake on…
    I have polished aluminum valve covers and a air cleaner, but unfortunatly over the years of sitting in storage they seemed to oxidize.. (I am working on polishing them up again).

    I do not want a repeat on my intake plus it’s going to be PITA to keep cleaning it, I was wondering if I could powder coat it clear? I’ve been skimming the forums and have been read stuff about aluminum releasing gas during the curing process… Nor do I want to risk warping it either.

    What do you guys advise???

    Another thing, will the clear powder coat yellow over time or with heat that the manifold will be exposed to?

    I just want the thing to look like it does polished.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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