powder coat won’t stick in some places

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    This has probably been covered as many times as how much air pressure in my Goldwing tires.
    I’m one of the newest of the newbies.
    Today I was shooting a cooler rack for a friends bike. The material is aluminum angle. I blasted the part and blew clean. I haven’t tried the Pre prep yet but will be ordering some as soon as I get off the forum.
    Anyway, when I was applying the powder there were a couple of areas that the powder just would not stick to. I tried nozzle changes, different distances from the work piece everything I could think of. I have had this problem before. It’s like the static charge doesn’t exist. I get a spark jump of about 3/8″ when I check it or ground the gun for cleaning.
    Do I have a problem with cleanliness or what. All parts are blasted in a cabinet and handled with rubber gloves.
    I see that Acetone is recommended for cleaning but take it that MEK is not to be used. I have used MEK as I had it on hand. Is this the root of my problem?
    I’m going to sit down and go through the archives as soon as I can so maybe I learn something first before I screw it up next time.

    I worked in Brazil for 10 years. Caipira is portuguese for redneck.

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