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    First off let me say hi to all. I know darn well I will ask dumb questions, you have been warned. Keep in mind that I have never powder coated anything in my life. What I know about powder coating I have learned (a little) on-line, but find that there are details that are not covered only the process in general of how it’s done. I just ordered my kit today and can’t wait to get started. Here goes!

    1. Can I get professional results using your Hotgun powder coat kit?

    2. I have set up my powder application room/booth/area right next to my curing oven. Is there any danger of explosion from the powder coat products? I read somewhere that you don’t want to vacuum up powder for fear of explosion?????

    3. Once I powder coat with a color, can I then repeat using the clear powder coat?

    Thanks, Big Dave

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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