Powder Coat Prism ?

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    I’m trying to get the Dark Ford Blue eastwood color and Prism additive to work together and right now they are not getting a long. I tried the 40:1 mix as per instuctions and there was not a hole lot of bling to be found in the part at all. So I believe I went to a 10:1 ratio and it crinkled up pretty good. Can someone recommend a good mix solution for this stuff or am I doing it wrong?

    Also how are you guys determining a even coat with the prism additive. Seams even when I use the stardust Blue which is pre-mixed there appears to be heavier spots in areas. What is a good methode for getting it even? Any tips or tricks would be greatly apprieciated…………..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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