Powder coat, Multiple coatings

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    OK I am just starting out with powder coating and just completed my first project. I cleaned up an old (very rusted) 2 gallon paint pressure tank which I am remaking into an air dryer filter unit for my powder coat system. blasted it and coated it looks pretty decent.

    But here is my real question.

    The current project I am working on is a pre 70’s Harley ground up restoration.

    The paint plan:

    Black chrome on frame, brackets and mounts etc. single coat!

    Here is where it gets complicated:

    Fuel tank, oil bag and fenders, if possible I would like to do silver reflective chrome on the main body of the parts (tops) and underneath with a small amount of bleed into the top surface (just around the edges) with Black Chrome, that is the base coat. Then after curing I want to shoot the whole works with candy (translucent) blue.

    Now if that isn’t already a problem if it is feasible I would like to go over all of it again with a metal flake high gloss clear. Is this possible or am I just asking for trouble?

    A separate question is it possible to get the translucent blue and mix metal flake into it and still have it useable?

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