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    Can anyone explain to me the differences in these two filters? I mean I realize one is a pre-filter and one is a final filter..but if I’m only going to use one filter..which is best? Also, I have no intentions of reclaiming any powder as I spray to waste.
    1st Stage Prefilter/Internal Frame20x20x1

    Fiberglass Final Filter 20x20x2 8% EFFICIENT
    …and 8% Efficient..unless that has some other meaning..that doesn’t really sound that great for a filter.

    I’m making a parts list for a new powder booth. The only physical difference seems to be the width. Just wondering which I should go with so I can plan a drawing/materials list.

    And if neither of these are great for a custom booth..please, I’m open for suggestions.

    I’m posting this in the Ask EW section as well.


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