Powder adhesion issues.

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    I have been using my new Eastwood hobby powder coating kit for a while now. I have gotten used to it and have had some good results so far testing out different powders. I was doing an actual part today and ran into some issues that I cold use some thoughts on.

    I was coating part of a front brake rotor. The only part coated was to the inside of the pad surface and then up the vertical portion of the hat. After prepping and taping it up, I started shooting.

    The problem that I am having is that the powder is not being attracted to the part well at all. It’s mostly just blowing it around. I finally got some adhesion, but it was spotty at best. It’s acting as if the powder is not charging or the part is not grounding.

    Everything was clean as usually. Running about 8 PSI of air pressure. Powder was high gloss black from EW. Using the “performance” deflector as well. I checked and had a good connection to the ground clip and everything “seemed” to be right. However it just was not collecting. The flat surfaces are fair, but the vertical surface was lacking.

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