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    Powder coating ain’t perfect. At least for me it isn’t (Not yet!). I think we should all post pictures of the mistakes we have made or tell a story on the bad things that has happend to them powder coating.

    Don’t stop there… tell why! From this I think we can all compile a good list of what not to do.

    I’ll go first!

    I was working on my wheels. As soon as I sprayed one of them I noticed some orangish/yellowish spots. The powder wasn’t sticking to my wheel. I missed some spots. It may sound dumb but the once over and wrong tools doesn’t cut it for powder coating. Once the piece cured it really brought out what a terrible job I did preping. I guess you guys were right when you said its all in the prep work.

    I got a ton more (is that good)? But lets here some of yours!

    1 – Don’t get lazy in preping your part.
    2 –
    3 – etc.

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