Post flow problem with MIG 175

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    I searched the forums and found one question about the problem I’m having that was posted in a semi-related thread in 2012 that went unanswered.

    I just purchased a MIG 175 – received it last week. So far, everything works fine with the exception of one thing: the post flow just keeps on flowing. Initially, the post flow was only between 3 and 5 seconds, but now the gas just flows and flows and flows after releasing the trigger, and the only way to make it quit is to power off the machine.

    I’m using a 132 CU. FT cylinder which I purchased specifically for this welder, so it’s full), and I’ve tried setting the flow gauge on the regulator to both 20 and 25 CFH. The problem exists on both settings. There are no gas leaks, and the gas does not start flowing until I press the trigger to start welding.

    This problem is somewhat intermittent – sometimes the post flow stops normally (after 3 – 5 seconds), but for the most part, I have to hit the switch on the machine to stop it.

    Any ideas?

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