Pontiac GTO engine paint

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    Hi, do you have any suggestions for painting the heads’ exhaust runners near the manifolds. I noticed the one review the newer ceramic engine paints on pont blue metallic and his browned/yellowed. I have heard of guys spraying silver manifold paint first, and then the blue burns off and its not rusted…but that is a bad solution, esp because some of the paint sticks and just browns. Anyway that eastwood could come up with pont blue manifold paint or is there anyway of tinting your manifold paint? I’ve had your cast iron man. paint on my RA manifolds for 12 years now, can you come up with a blue dye addition to the silver base 1200 or 1600 degree paint? I would think, get this developed and every GTO and Bird restorer would buy it. Well at least the guys like me who drive their cars. Would powder coating hold up to that heat on the heads? Thanks.

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