Polsihing/ buffing alloys/ m.cycle parts

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    Hi there,

    I am setting up a small hobby/ business doing powder coating and colour anodising for car alloys /motorcycle & atv parts. So I need some advice on polishing and buffing. I will need tools/ equipment for buffing and polishing the parts such as clutch covers, engine covers and alloy wheels, for preparation and also if a customer requires a part polished to a mirror finish.

    I have selected some tools that may suit my needs, but i would like your opinions if these are my best equipment options for polishing/ buffing

    1. http://thepolishingshop.co.uk/acatalog/Bench_Grinders_.html

    (third one down the page with the flexible shaft tool, I thought has the wheel for doing larger surface area and the small flexible shaft tool for small areas)

    2, This is my other option, if I bought the electric grinder, I could get the flexible shaft as an add on part for small areas, but have concerns whether this grinder will provide enough power to the flexible shaft tool for polishing.


    http://www.moleroda.com/acatalog/Great_Value_Flexible_Shaft_Machines.html (Flexible shaft tool)



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