Polishing Steel Brackets

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    Hi, been a long time shopper from eastwood and reader here and finally have a question….

    I have milled steel brackets (Alan Grove for those who have used them.) They come bare steel and I painted them temporarily but I want to polish and clear coat them. I’ve polished soft metals for years but this is my first venture into polishing mild steel.

    What can I use to knock the surface irregularities and milling marks down? There’s no way I’m doing it wet/dry with a sanding block and using something like the expander wheel I feel will do more harm on the flat surface of the brackets. I tried some emery coumpound but I’m just not getting a flat enough surface. I guess using my DA would be nice, but regular sandpaper doesn’t see to have much affect on steel.

    Anyone who can guide me it the right direction? I hate paying others to do things I can do myself.

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