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    I am trying to polish stainless from a 57 Ford Retractable. I have watched the Eastwood video and have most of the buffs/compounds. I do not have the “rake” to clean the wheels. I have been using a wood rasp. I use the wheels mounted on my drill press–A little slow (about 2350) but ok.
    I am having a problem removing the marks made by the sisal wheel with emory. After the sisal/emery, I am using a spiral sewn wheel with stainless, but even if I buff to almost burning the stainless, I can see the marks left by the emery/sisal wheel if piece is held at correct angle and light.–HELP.

    Note: The spiral sewn/stainless wheel seems to “load up” quickly and must be cleaned regularly.

    If you have any suggestions or comments, they will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :confused:

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