Polishing aluminum with a big buffer

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    Ok guys, I finally broke down and bought a real buffer. A Baldor two speed 1800/3600 RPM unit. It has 3/4 shafts, and 3/4 HP. I figured having the heavy duty buffer would cure all of my problems I had using a light duty flexible shaft setup. As it turns out, I have all the same problems really. Currently Im polishing an aluminum battery box. I used a palm sander and brought it up to 500 grit.

    Next, I tried out my new buffer with a 10″ sprial sewn buff and Eastwoods tripoli at 3600 rpm. After getting the hang of buffing with the direction of the wheel, I was able to get some encouraging shine out of the tripoli. However, there were certain spots that just refused to get shiny. Also, a lot of compound was mudding up on the part. Especially the spots that weren’t shining up. And I believe it was pre-sanded evenly and adequately.

    After cleaning the part and switching to white rouge on a 10″ loose buff, I tried for final color buffing. I found that the white rouge really likes to leave black specs everywhere, and that it was not leaving that last final perfect shine that I expected. Anybody have any advice for using my new Baldor? The tripoli stage should be leaving better results than this. And the white rouge was building up too much to be useful. More pressure got rid of most of the black specs, but also seemed to leave a hazy, scratched surface.

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