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    I had a guy bring me these stock BMW wheels to PC. They were painted with an off-chrome type finish and had a lot of curb rash.

    Yesterday at about 12 I sanded out the curb rash to a smooth finish then went to eat some lunch. About 2 I picked up the project again and started to blast the OEM stock finish off the wheels. The dark chrome finish came off with not too much of a problem, however there is a finish under it that I cannot get off. I worked on these wheels for about 8 hours alternating between Blasting(Glass Bead @ 90-100psi), Soaking with Eastwood Paint/Powder Stripper, and Scraping. I am assuming it is a powder coat finish but when it comes off it is almost like a thick tar.

    Needless to say I am at my wits-end with these. Does anyone have any ideas I could try on these? Thought about taking them to a bake off provider, but they are alloy and I am not sure if they would hold up to the heat…[ATTACH]4117[/ATTACH]

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