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    Phil barone

    I’m new to car restoration and would like some help. I’m a machinist, I manufacturer saxophone mouthpieces and have my own brand of saxophones to give you a little background. I also own a Harley and do my own work so I’m somewhat mechanically inclined.

    However, I have a two car garage which I share with a neighbor since I live in a condo. I saw, as I’m sure many of you did, a 68 Shelby on eBay that’s a barn find and a complete wreck. My first questions is:

    Is this car worth fifty thousand bucks which is the opening bid? My second question is: If I gave the car to someone to restore how much would it cost me to restore it to like new condition if they did ALL of the work? I’m assuming that I don’t need the bottom end of the car rebuilt so if anyone could give me ballpark numbers on a restore with and without the engine rebuilt that would be great.

    Also, I think that I can do a lot of the work myself like removing all the stuff under the hood, the interior and sanding everything down to bare metal. Maybe having one of those guys come over and having the car medea or soda blasted. I could probably also take the motor and tranny out myself.

    Thank you all for your patience and p;lease don’t beat me too badly. Thank you, Phil

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