Please Help – 2K clear coat peeling off base coat

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    Please help, I taped the edges of a car panel off after painting to protect the edges from sanding and buffing. After buffing, I removed the blue painters tape and it pulled the clear coat off almost like a plastic wrap. I did the following and am not sure where I went wrong:

    1) Steel panel sanded and prepped with 80 grit than 220 grip
    2) Washed and degreased
    3) Eastwood 2K Gray Primer 3 coats
    4) Waited overnight and wet sanded with 400
    5) Duplicolor perfect match rattle can Color coat 3 coats with 15 minutes each to flash off
    6) Last color coat flashed for 30 minutes per Duplicolor instructions and I began 2K clear (semi “wet on wet”)
    7) 3 med wet coats of Eastwood high gloss 2K clear, 10-15 minutes between coats.
    8) 24 hours later I wet sanded and buffed the paint
    Removed painter tape and clear pulled right off. The color coat looks intact where clear peeled off.

    What am I doing wrong? This is expensive paint! Thanks

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