Playboy Pink 1967 Mustang Coupe

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    Project Playboy

    Well, it’s not pink yet!

    I’ve been working on it a little bit every week for about a year now, this project has been a lot of fun (work), and at times its been really frustrating when dealing with the paint and body shops! There is a lot that I could say about the progress, way too much to write here; so I’ve put together a web site where I am documenting the progress and sharing the experience for others to learn from while they enjoy the restoration hobby on their own projects.

    Picking up the project

    Tearing Down

    Paint Shop Prison I (had to pull the project from two body shops)

    Doing a Dry Build
    Yes, the project is back at home and its not painted… decided to do a dry build and check the work the of the two previouse body shops and boy was I in for some surprises!

    I am currently preping the top side, should have something posted to the site soon, stop by, do some reading and please Support the Build!

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