Photographing Polished Metal

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    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if you could recommend a good camera (or cameras) for photographing polished metals? Even though the camera that I have, (Pentax Optio 60), is a 6 megapixel, it’s extemely sensitive to light. It also has autofocus which is really hit-and-miss as to whether it catches the image right. If I take a picture of a part indoors, the camera can catch the little glints of light but the pics usually come out too dark and shadowy to see any reflections in the metal. If I take a pic outside, the camera tends to get blinded by the gleam and the object being shot usually comes out looking silverish or whitish instead of mirrorish. The really frustrating part is that what’s being displayed in the little video window in the back of the camera is almost never a true representation of how the picture will come out, so getting everything set right seems to be too much of a guessing game. It hasn’t been a total loss as I’ve been lucky enough to get a few decent shots here and there, but the ratio of bad shots to good ones has been about 10-to-1. I think I can do better.

    What kind’ve camera(s) have you guys had success with?

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