Phil Clark – Designer of the Mustang Running Horse

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    Peter K

    I read an interesting story about Phil Clark, who was on the design team of the Mustang I. It was written by his daughter.

    The Phil Clark Story
    Designer of the Mustang Running Horse.
    The Man Behind the Pony, by Holly Clark
    © 2004. First Periodical Rights

    The retro craze and the fact that the Mustang still exists, tells a huge story in itself. The Mustang is still around….40 years after its difficult and controversial birth. This is part of the untold story of a man name Phil Clark, and his input into a design called MUSTANG.

    I am Holly, the daughter of Phil Clark. My father was the ultimate car buff. He loved the power and freedom that he felt behind the wheel of the muscle cars of the 1950’s & 1960’s. My father designed the Mustang ‘Pony’ emblem and helped design the Mustang I. He was 27. The year was 1962.

    My father was right handed, and so he naturally drew all of his renderings from left to right. This is why he drew the pony facing the left. It was only natural for him. He prepared the emblem for presentation, along with other renderings for the Mustang I. My mother was in Detroit with him in their home as he created the emblem. Like the Christmas tree stars that topped our tree, he cut the emblem from cardboard. After finishing the precision cuts, and creating the wild mustang, he covered it with Reynolds wrap aluminium foil for a shining effect. The smoothed foil was a close representation to the chrome pony that the Mustang still sports today.

    Click here to read the rest of the story

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