PC’ing Argent Silver and Clear Coat

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    Squeaky Tom

    I am restoring a 1970 Kawasaki G3TR 90cc motorcycle (yes, it is small!) and want to use Argent Silver and a clearcoat over some of the fork, chainguard, headlamp shell and other pieces.

    Anything specific I should know other than following the usual Eastwood instructions? I have coated with solid colors for several years but this is the first time for a color/clear coat combination.

    Once the Argent Silver goes on, and it cools down, I would be spraying on the clear coat. But, I understand that you let the clear coated parts gradually cool down in order to reduce the potential of yellowing. Should I lightly sand the cured Argent Silver so the clear coat has something to bite onto?

    Also, should I use some sort of primer on the cleaned pieces? They will be a combination of steel and aluminum, so, would Pre be a good cleaner or is something else more appropriate? The pieces will be bead blasted first so the base metal will be pretty clean to start with.

    Any thoughts or comments from those of you who have done this combination before?

    By the way, I am a writer for a firearms magazine and years ago did one of the first articles on the Hot Coat system…I totally refinished a German MP5 submachinegun and it still looks brand new over six years later.

    The Tom

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