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    I have coated a few projects with red and black and had pretty good luck. Here is the question, Powder coating wont flow and smooth small pits and surface inperfections will it? I guess i thought it would, Or maybe i could coat it a little heavier:confused: I understand it will not fill big pits or deep scratches, But the ones i am dealing with is surface rust pits. I use 80 grit glass bead in my prep work, But cant seem to smooth it out completly. I have a project that is going to a show soon, The customer is pleased with the work, But i am not. Any hints,Tips Or ideas. I would like to make this a show piece and generate more business. Thanks for any input, I will keep in touch, P.S. Thanks for the input on my compressor problems, I will give that a try. Thanks Again!!!!!

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