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Posted: October 16, 2006 By: X7JAY7X

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    I have been thinking about a few ideas on how to make my own controller. I am completely new to powdercoating and I understand the basics. I will be making my own oven (probably 3’X3’x6′) soon. I am a computer/electrical engineer and I have been thinking about how to go about this. The first question to myself is what does it have to do and how can I make it better from there.

    I was thinking that the oven should have 2 or 3 thermocouples attached to a electronic box that has an LCD screen and will be able to turn the heating elements on and off. The controller should allow you to set a time for how long you want the elelments on for and at what temperature. You would first select the time and temp and then press start. The thermocouples are monitored and shown on the display. When all of them are above the desired temp for X amount of time (to ensure the oven is heated properly) it will start a countdown on the time you entered. During this countdown it will monitor the temperature and keep it as close to the desired temp as possible. When the timer is done counting down it shuts off the oven.

    Like I said, I am a noob and any ideas (good or bad) are extremely helpful.


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